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Reviews for Low Country Clinic


At Low Country Clinic, you can find the results that you have not been able to achieve with other health care practitioners. Dr. Aldrich is the only orthospinologist in the Charleston area and offers a unique approach to restoring the balance to your spine and allowing your body to heal.

Just read what our patients are saying…

Pain and Headaches Gone

In 2010, I had surgery on a fused disc, thinking it would help with the pain. Within 6 months, all the pain came back. After seeing 2 different chiropractors and getting no relief from my symptoms, I was finally referred to Dr. Aldrich. His treatment method was different—instead of twisting and cracking, he did a simple atlas adjustment—and within 2 weeks, the pain and headaches were gone! Occasionally I feel some re-aggravation, but after an adjustment there is immediate relief. The key is consistency. If you stay on track with your treatment plan, it is well worth it!

~ Britt L.

Help with Vertigo and Hip Pain

Last year I had been recuperating from a concussion and 2 types of vertigo. They had resolved, but after I moved to SC, I started experiencing one of the types of vertigo again. I started coming to Dr. A, and within a couple of weeks the vertigo vanished and my recurring hip pain (I’ve had for years) has only happened twice in 6 months. I am very happy I made the decision to come to Low Country Clinic. Dr. A and his staff are wonderful!!

~ Sandy M.


Help with Low Back and Neck Pain

My husband and I have been getting regular treatments from Dr. Aldrich for the past 4 years. We have had problems with our lower backs and necks. Coming for regular checkups over time has really eased our pain. Dr. Aldrich has been great about explaining the treatments to us. We are very pleased with our results. We would also like to include positive remarks about the staff in the office. The ladies are friendly and helpful. Lastly, because of the doctor’s help, we can continue to live a healthy life style at our Del Webb Community.

~ Joseph and Josephine S.

Balance Improved

Before coming to Dr. Aldrich, I was having a hard time with my balance. I had to use a cane to walk and stand, and I wasn’t sleeping through the night due to related pain and discomfort. I sing in my church choir, and I wasn’t able to stand through the whole service. I was thinking about quitting, it was embarrassing… Fortunately, after just a few treatments with Dr. Aldrich, my balance improved. I no longer need a cane, I am able to stand through the whole church service, and have continued singing in the choir! I’m even getting proper rest now. I am so thankful for the progress I have made with Dr. Aldrich’s help.

~ Reginald A .

I enjoy my visits!

I’ve been coming to Dr. Aldrich for a little over 2 months now. I came in with a terrible neck pain, but my original issue was upper back pain, which couldn’t be corrected with physical therapy. A friend of mine suggested I see Dr. Aldrich, and very honestly I was in so much pain I called and made an appointment. I have to say, immediately I was put at ease with the friendly voice on the other end of the phone; she listened to what my symptoms were and made an appointment in 2 days! This was a different kind of chiropractic method than what I was used to, it’s not a “quick fix”. Read more…

It’s all about realigning my atlas. In only 3-4 visits my neck had total relief, and I have a range of motion I’ve never had. My upper back has been slower to heal, because unbeknownst to me, my atlas being off caused other issues that needed addressing. I get realigned each week; I’m walking straighter, sitting straighter, I’ve learned the correct way to sleep on a pillow and hold a book and iPad! The bonus is… I sleep better! Little by little this is all helping with adjustments and my upper back is slowly feeling better. I was told in the very beginning the amount of time this might take, so I’m not discouraged. I have some relief in my upper back, but it’s still a work in progress. I enjoy my weekly visits. The Doctor and Staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. I look forward to reaching my goal, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, your atlas needs to be in alignment so the rest of your spine is. So for me, like the dentist and the family doctor, this will be on my calendar for check-ups throughout the year, even after the alignment issue is resolved.

~ Judy D.


Felt Immediate Relief in My Hip!

I had been experiencing right hip pain for over three and a half years. When visiting my primary care physician, I mentioned the pain and asked her for her advice. She recommended that I see a chiropractor to see if they could alleviate the pain that I was experiencing. The office staff highly recommended Dr. Aldrich. I called his office to make an appointment and was seen that afternoon. After our consultation and review of x-rays, Dr. Aldrich explained to me that I had issues in my neck which was causing my hip pain to occur. I never knew that there was anything wrong with my neck. After the very first adjustment, I felt immediate relief in my right hip. I have been following the care plan that Dr. Aldrich established for me and I feel drastically different. I have even noticed that my posture has improved tremendously and I do not have as much tension in my shoulders on a daily basis. Dr. Aldrich and his entire staff are wonderful! They make everyone feel like family on the very first visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Aldrich and his staff to anyone!

~ Darlene G.

Hip and Lower Back Pain Improved

When I first made an appointment with Dr. Aldrich, I thought I only had the hip and lower back pain. He, however, had additional findings after reviewing X-Rays. One of the findings required that my primary care doctor get involved and scheduled an MRI for further evaluation. The other problem is that my upper spine was causing a forward tilt to my head in normal posture. Each of these problems has been satisfactorily addressed and substantial progress has been made. Lesson learned: be specific and tell the doctor about each difficulty you are having. It will be addressed.

~ Hall B.

My treatment took care of headaches and more!

For the past year or so, I have had headaches constantly and have tried many things to get rid of them. I tried over the counter meds., seeing my physician to see if there was a possibility of high blood pressure, etc. However, ever since I came to Low Country Clinic for a couple of times my headaches have ceased for the most part (I would say at least 85%). Not only was my condition better, the treatment took care of other problems that I had (muscle aches, sinuses, constipation problems and much more). I am so glad I came to see Dr. Aldrich at the clinic. He made things easier to understand and walked me through my treatment. The staff is amazing and friendly to the point where it can almost seem like they’re family. I recommend anyone who has muscle pains, headaches, etc. They should go to the clinic and speak with Dr. Aldrich and his staff about their medical conditions.

~ Shalina I .


Help with Migraines

I finally decided to come here after getting tired of having headaches. I used to suffer with having migraines at least twice a month and when I didn’t have a migraine, I would have a mild headache at least once a week. Since I started coming to Low Country Clinic regularly, I’ve noticed a huge change. I haven’t had a migraine or mild headache in almost two months!

~ Lauren M.

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