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New Patients

Low Country Clinic is a welcoming office with a friendly staff who are ready to put you at ease. Amy and Marissa will greet you when you arrive, setting you up with the necessary paperwork and answering any questions you may have. We verify your insurance benefits at no charge before you incur any fees.

We also offer our paperwork online so you can complete it in the convenience of your own home.


Getting Started

Dr. Aldrich will sit down with you to discuss your history, what your concern is and how we can help you if your problem is related to chiropractic. If so, we will perform a spinal examination and take digital X-rays if needed. If you cannot see it, you are only guessing, and we do not guess with our patients’ health.

After your X-rays have been analyzed, Dr. Aldrich will teach you how to read them. By understanding what a normal and abnormal spine looks like, you can then view your films with an educated eye, seeing where areas of malfunction lie. If after full analysis and chiropractic is indicated you will have the choice to receive your first atlas adjustment.

Following Up

Your progress at our office is not simply based on how you feel. We want to see how your body improves, so X-rays are re-taken at specific intervals, allowing us to see the changes we are making. After all, you could be pain-free but have several problems continuing in your body. That is why we use diagnostics and proven methods to ensure you are getting better.

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