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Chiropractic Orthospinology Care

Experience the multifaceted benefits of chiropractic with Low Country Clinic’s unique approach.

Dr. Aldrich began his journey to becoming an Orthospinology practitioner in 2012, after being a hands-on practitioner for 16 years. Experiencing his own health challenges led him to the study of orthospinology. With incredible results, he offers the same type of effective care to his patients.


What makes your technique different?

Traditional chiropractic uses a hands-on manual adjustment. Many times, you might find that your chiropractic adjustment is not holding. When the atlas bone is continually stuck out of position, your body and spine will follow and stay in a misaligned state. By addressing the atlas bone, Dr. Aldrich ensures that the rest of your spine can be in perfect balance. A hands-on chiropractor is not trained to treat the atlas bone, whereas Dr. Aldrich has received specialized training to do so.

Why is the atlas bone so important?

The first bone your skull meets in the spine is the atlas. If the atlas is out of position, it puts pressure on the rest of the spinal cord. According to research performed at the University of Colorado, the weight of a single dime decreases nerve function by 60%. If the atlas is tilted or twisted, the spine will follow suit. You may then experience a loss of function in the lungs, liver, heart, stomach or elsewhere in the body — and you may not even know it if you do not experience any pain.

How do I know if I need an adjustment?

You won’t know if you need an adjustment. Many people have atlas malposition and no pain or symptoms at all. We do a complete analysis of your body, including digital X-rays when necessary, to determine if the atlas is out of position. You have to be checked by a trained professional to determine if you need an adjustment. If it is in alignment, no adjustment is needed. Our patients that are on maintenance care come in regularly to check whether their atlas needs to be put back in position. If not, they are sent home.

Isn’t it more effective to adjust several areas?

It is a common misconception that you would get more out of care with a manual, hands-on chiropractic adjustment addressing multiple areas. In actuality, you are getting less because you are leaving the bad apple in the bunch. If the atlas is out of position, it will continually pull the rest of the spine out of position, and you will continue to have the same painful pressure points that you always have. Proper assessment from a trained othospinologist such as Dr. Aldrich is necessary for the appropriate correction.

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Digital X-ray facilities are located on-site for your convenience. Contact us today to find out more about what we do!


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